Bullet train passing under Tokyo Tower

Origin : Japan

Made of : porcelain - potery

Classification : things / other things

Maker : Natsuno



About "bullet train" (shinkansen new main line - 新幹線) :

Japan speed trains are called 'shinkansen' (new main line). Westerners call them bullet trains. They travel at a speed of 300 km/h and regularly set world records (today 581 km/h). One of the most famous line follows the Tokaido road from Tokyo to Osaka. Since its first model in 1964, the shinkasen shape has varied. Some models are close to a bullet, others look more like a duck head.

Shinkansen train in Shinjuku station
Shinkansen trains in Shinjuku station




About "tokyo tower" (tōkyō tawā - 東京タワー) :

The Tokyo Tower is a red tower resembling the Tour Eiffel of Paris. Built in 1958, the Tokyo Tower is located close to the Tokyo bay. It is used as a telecommunication centre as well as a tourist attraction. Japanese are very proud that their tower is about 9 meters taller than the Paris one, forgetting that it was built 70 years later...

Tokyo Tower and surroundings
Tokyo Tower by night




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