Sushi with red tuna on top of white rice with a bit of green wasabi

Origin : Japan

Made of : porcelain - potery

Classification : things / food

Maker : Natsuno



About "sushi" (sushi - 寿司, 鮨, or 鮓) :

Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of cooked vinegared rice with some raw fish put on top. Shusis are dipped in a bit of soy sauce with, if wished, some 'wasabi' (Japanese green horseradish) and ginger.

Raw fish served with no rice is called 'sashimi'. Rice and fish rolled in a dry seaweed leaf is called 'makizushi'.

There are a lot of varieties of sushis. The quality and freshness of the fish and the skill of the sushi master are essential. After eating sushis in Japan, it's sometimes difficult to appreciate the 'pseudo' sushis often served in Europe.

A choice of sushi and makizushi
A nice selection of sashimi




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