Temple gate of Asakuza in Tokyo ('Kaminarimon') with big lantern and grey roof

Origin : Japan

Made of : porcelain - potery

Classification : things / other things

Maker : Natsuno



About "Asakusa Kaminarimon gate" (Asakusa Kaminarimon gate - 浅草雷門前) :

Sensōji (Asakusa Kannon) is one of the most famous Buddhist temple of Tokyo and is located in Asakusa, a very ancient district. Many traditional shops are displayed all the way to the temple. The main entrance gate is called 'Kaminarimon' (Thunder Gate) and is known for its big red lantern.

The Kaminarimon gate
The road leading to the temple Sensōji and its very popular traditional shops




About "Japanese paper lantern" (chōchin - 提灯) :

Paper lanterns are used in many occasion in Japan, festivals, temples and shrines and to indicate restaurants and bars. Their colour differ depending on the use. For instance red lanterns mark the entrance of a bar. They are made of a foldable paper structure in accordion, or paper glued on a wood structure. Both ends are made of two bamboo circles.

Paper laterns in front of a bar of Kyoto
Paper lanterns at the entrance of a shrine




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