Ebisu character head with red hat

Origin : Japan

Made of : porcelain - potery

Classification : creatures / people

Maker : ?



About "Ebisu" (ebisu, yebisu - 恵比須 or 恵比寿 or 夷 or 戎) :

Ebisu is one of the seven gods of fortune. He is a fisherman and protects workers and small children. He is represented with a plumpy body, a fishing rod and a large fish.

In Tokyo, the Ebisu neighbourhood (Shibuya) is named after the beer company Yebisu which mascot is the Ebisu god since 1890.

Ebisu statue in the Yebisu beer museum near the Yebisu station
Yebisu beer cans




About "Shichi Fukujin - seven gods of fortune" (shichi Fukujin - 七福神) :

The seven gods of fortune are traditional divinities of the Japanese folklore. Each of them has special characteristics.

1. Hotei, god of abundance and good health

2. Jurōjin, god of longevity

3. Fukurokuju, god of happiness, wealth and longevity

4. Bishamonten, god of warriors

5. Benzaiten (Benten-sama), goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music

6. Daikokuten (Daikoku), god of wealth, commerce and trade.

7. Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants

The seven gods of fortune travel on a ship called the treasure ship 'Takarabune'.

On New Year children receive money in an envelope which has often the picture of the seven gods printed on.

Stone carving of the seven gods of fortune at Gamagori photo rights
Votive plaque with the seven gods of fortune on their treasure ship photo rights




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