Themes : will return all hashiokis corresponding to the theme selected. One hashioki can belong to two themes maximum.


Birds : any bird.

Mammals : any mammal except sea mammals (whales, dolphins, etc.).

People : any hashioki depicting a human.

Sea Creatures : any animal living in the sea.

Other animals : any animal which is not a sea creature, a mammal or a human being. Dragons are classified as 'other animals'.

Flowers : any flower or group of flowers.

Fruits : human edible sweet fruits. For instance, acorn is classified under 'other plants', but chestnut is classified as a fruit. Tomato is classified as a vegetable.

Leaves : hashiokis representing mainly leaves.

Vegetables : vegetables and cooking plants for salty dishes.

Other plants : any plant which is not a leaf, a vegetable or a fruit.

Fans : hashiokis representing a fan not just shaped as a fan.

Festive : any hashioki linked especially to a celebration. This category overcomes other classifications.

Food : anything related to cooking (kitchen tools, culinary preparations, etc.). Doesn't include raw ingredients classified under animals, sea creatures, vegetables or fruits.

Masks : hashiokis representing a mask (Nô, Kabuki, etc.).

Shapes : hashiokis that don't represent objects or if they are shaped in the form of an object it's mainly for a design purpose (ex. star, flower in general). Shapes can have decorations that represent things.

Toys : children toys and games, generally traditional.

Other things : any man made object that is not a fan, a mask, a toy, related to food or to a celebration.

Materials : will return all hashiokis mainly made from a specific material.


Glass : any hashioki made of glass.

Lacquer : lacquered objects even if they are made of wood.

Metal : any metal hashioki.

Porcelain, potery : any type of ceramic hashioki.

Wood : any wooden hashioki including bamboo. Lacquered object made of wood are classified under lacquer.

Other materials or mixed : any hashioki not made of ceramic, wood, lacquer, metal, glass or made of different materials with no obvious main one.

Include : will return any hashiko corresponding to a word or group of words. Searches both in the hashioki description and the japanese topics linked to the hashioki.

Exclude : will exclude any hashiko corresponding to a word or group of words.

Makers : list of makers listed in the database. Will return only the hashiokis of this particular maker.

Owners : list of collectors of the platform. Will return only the hashiokis of this particular collector.

Country of origin : list of countries where hashiokis are made. Will return only the hashiokis of the selected country.

Rejects : 'Exlude' will not return hashiokis rejected by the collectors. 'Include' will return all hashiokis including rejected ones. 'Only' will return only rejected hashiokis.

Last indexed first : displays the last indexed hashiokis first instead of ordering the results alphabetically.

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